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Security Software was established in year 2010 by a couple of security savvy people. The vision of being 100% IT security focused has stayed unaltered throughout the years.

In 2019, we can say we are a leading provider of IT security services and solutions for private and public sector in Estonia. Our team has long-standing experience and high level of skills of both technical and processes level.

Security is the combination of technology, processes, and people. Our services aim to cover all these cornerstones. The focus is on value adding activities like consultations, integrations, monitoring services, processes, and trainings.

We started out as a very technology-oriented company and technology has always been a great part of our work. For that, we have partnered with industry leading vendors with various product portfolios. Some of them have become part of our portfolio, based on customer needs and suggestions.

In addition, we provide workshops and seminars to improve overall information security awareness in our region. We participate as consultants in the Estonian Government Cloud project.